intel, quicker.

Always know what’s happening around you with OwlX. Save time on the road for you with the individual plan, or for your employees with the company plan. Real updates, real fast. Information from country-wide 911 calls automatically sent directly to you transcribed based on your real-time location.

Why use OwlX?

  • See what’s happening around you. Alerts based on traffic, police, fires, crime, and more.

  • Save time in traffic. Instant notifications for car accidents before the Police even get on scene.

  • Keep your children safe by knowing what’s going on around your home, your school, and business.

  • Find safe areas when searching for new homes, schools, or places to visit.

  • No longer rely on other users or your GPS for alerts - receive them real time, without depending on a third party.

Automated provides alerts with 5-15 minute delays after 911 calls are placed to protect privacy.

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